Mark s.c. is a very successful manufacturer of metal hardware and fasteners for wood operating in Central and Eastern Europe. Originally, our core business was production of door and window hardware. The strong foundations of a family tradition and 30 years of experience in the industry allowed us to understand the hardware and fastener market and the real needs both of our business partners and end customers. This timespan helped us to accumulate resources in the form of know-how and qualified personnel with years of experience, and to build the manufacturing and logistic processes for speedy and reliable distribution of the MK hardware to big wholesalers and smaller retail outlets.


Each year of MARK s.c. operations is hard work on building good relations with business partners, improving the manufacturing processes, and a successful growth of the company. Synonymous with the “Professionalism” in the philosophy of our company is the efforts to continuously improve customer satisfaction.


We keep an eye on the selection of superior-quality raw materials and production tooling.

We use certified sheet metal with the best plastic and strength performance available on the market. The internal quality testing at Mark s.c. guarantee compliance of the products and galvanic coating with EU regulations and ITB (Building Research Institute) for metal fasteners and hardware for wood. For these processes to proceed swiftly and reliably, we operate automatic production lines.