Quality assurance

MK wood connectors have the European Technical Assessment. They meet all standards, strength and safety requirements regulated by the construction law of the European Union countries. The use of a suitable connector in a wooden structure depends on the size of the structure, connection geometry and load direction. In order to obtain the connection covered by the technical assessment, it is necessary to use nail anchor nails to prevent removal from wood, recommended by the Building Research Institute.

The first technical approval for products with the MK logo was granted to the company in 2005. The reason for applying for the application was the continuous increase in sales and the idea of ​​launching high quality products that meet the safety standards regulated by the Polish Building Law.

The systematic development of the product offer and the commencement of cooperation with customers from Slovakia and the Czech Republic was an incentive to obtain the European Technical Assessment, which was issued to the company on January 4, 2017.

European Technical Assessment ETA16/0935